Saturday, September 29, 2012

Office Build Update

Completed Bookcases
Since the bookcases portion of the project is probably the most complex and time consuming we'll say that the office build project has now passed the halfway point.  Today everything got a good rub of Johnson Paste Wax making them complete and ready for transport out of the shop.  Work on the table tops will begin tomorrow.

The finish on these is a wipe-on mix of Danish oil (cherry) and spar varnish cut with mineral spirits followed by several wipe-on coats of spar polyurethane and finally wax.  If that level of effort doesn't prove to be durable enough for a government office nothing would be.

Today is 4 weeks to the day into the build.

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  1. Great work Dave, I'd be proud to have them and I'm sure you will be also!