Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Making Sawdust

I haven't had much time recently to add a new blog posting because I've been working on these and the plans for a new stand up workstation at my office.  The suite will include these two bookcases made of American Cherry and Red Oak, three torsion box table top work surfaces (two each about 3 ft wide by 8 ft long and one shorter one to form a "U" shape) and a small case to hold the computer unit under the table.  Basically I got tired of working in a conventional fashion and decided it might be better for me long term to stand instead of sit.

I got the original idea from a colleague and an article I stumbled onto online.  So in late August I began drawing up detailed construction plans, a cost estimate and made the pitch.  Once the boss granted approval and gave me funding for the materials it was full steam ahead.  Construction started in my shop at the start of September and has been pretty steady since.  The schedule is to get everything complete and installed before I head off to Autodesk University (AU2012) in late November.

A complete set of progress images of the build are being posted on my PBase Woodworking pages.  These include an abbreviated set of the drawings I put together for the project.  Entries  here may become a little sporadic while this goes on.  I'm enjoying making sawdust again.  :)

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  1. And good looking saw dust it is! I was for giving the blog as I knew you were working on the work station! Now, get back to making saw dust! :-)