Thursday, September 29, 2011

Emperor Akihito at Kona

Here's another video "from the archives".   Originally this was done this in the wrong format for YouTube.  I put the computer on overtime while I was a work today. Now YouTube likes it.

In July 2009, after months of planning and many visits by representative from Japan, the Emperor and and his wife made a visit to the Big Island of Hawaii. The following video captures their moments on arrival and departure at the Kona International Airport.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Yes, they still sell Ovaltine... and yes, I love it.  Always have.  It doesn't make me do this in the mornings tho':

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tower Update

It's amazing how much work gets done on a large construction project in the last month or so of its work.  Things that looked like they'd never get finished suddenly appear all done... sometimes overnight.  This job has been no different.  When I left for my mainland trip at the end of July things were still coming together.  A month or so later all that's left are finishing touches.

True, the tower won't be operational for another year.  What you see here is just the shell.  Inside the finishes are done, but all of the electronics that will make this a functional air traffic control facility have yet to be installed.  And it's not like hooking up your home entertainment system or desktop computer either.  It's a list of top flight electronics that would make your head swim.  For the remainder of the job the contractor will be pulling wires that will connect all those electronics and completing punch list items.  Then it will be up to the FAA to install their equipment, test, and commission it prior to a grand opening.

The journey continues... but the end is closer than ever.