Tuesday, October 25, 2016

World of Warships - Halloween 2016

Twice a year - first during the week of April Fools Day and again during the Halloween week - Wargaming and many other gaming companies pull out all of the stops and treat their players with special events. We look forward to them like a 6-yr old looks forward to Christmas morning. If you look back thru the archives here or search for WoWS postings you'll see what happened in the Jacuzzi this past April. Well, Halloween 2016 is right around the corner and Wargaming's teaser for this year's World of Warships event just dropped and it's looking nothing short of AMAZING! In my estimation 80% of the allure of games like these nowadays are the visuals anyway, so...

Buckle up, swabbies! Strap on those life jackets! Grab a life saver ring! And you might want to swallow a bottle of Dramamine too. This is about to get epic!!! We'll be sure to post plenty of spooktacular battle action in the days ahead. Stay tuned. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

John Oliver ~ Donald Trump's Lewd Comments

WARNING: This video contains mature language!

I've come to believe that something similar to the warning above should be plastered over our television screens every time Donald Trump's name is mentioned. This slow motion train wreck of a presidential campaign is putting a stink on all of us that may take many communal showers to wash off. Only the late night comics seem to have the perspective needed to cut thru the crap and reduce the soup to its basic ingredients. This is another example of how it is done best.


Blended Clinton (HRC)

Here at 20/20 HeinSite we subscribe fully to the Equal Time rule of politics... so sit back and enjoy!

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Rosa's Lounge ~ Chicago

This is what I consider the real blues of Chicago!... local musicians sitting in for a set in a small and intimate club. Both Nigel Mack and Pete Galanis are regular headliners of their own, and this clip shows why. There are so many outstanding blues artists in Chicago! I really enjoy seeing as many as I can everytime I get back there.


For more information on this particular gig see the Info section of the YouTube clip.