Monday, April 28, 2014

Shaker Step Stool

I know building these was hot about a year ago.  I finally put the finishing touches on mine tonite.  The last bit of oil and wax went on and now it's into the box... as soon as I get the cat out of it.  Tomorrow it will begin a long airplane ride across the Pacific and then the US mainland to its final home in NY as a gift.

The design is Shaker (ala Tommy MacDonald), but this one was made using mahogany.  The finish is Watco Danish Natural and paste wax.  It's nice and light yet very strong.  It will be just about perfect for its petite, and vertically challenged recipient. :)


  1. You must have thought I am in NY, I said I was born in NY, am in Wis now, can you tell the plane to drop the box as they cross the Mississippi? This is a great looking piece Dave! Well done!

  2. I sure hope it stays in the plane all the way to NY! :)
    I'll track it just to be sure.