Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Box Joint Jig II

Tonite was night two of my box joint jig build, and because I only needed to fire up the table saw once I was able to work later and got a lot more work done. Most of tonite involved drilling holes with the drill press... including a few not really needed. :)

At the end of the evening I had most of the work done. I also had to recover from a couple of errors. I modified the size of the two sliding sections on the back so I wouldn't have to trim both sides of both "L" brackets. But then I used the plan dimension to center the hole in the sacrificial pieces. It didn't take long to discover the wing screw on the back wouldn't allow the sections to slide their full length. So I plugged the hole and redrilled it higher, and modified all the pieces to fit. They kind of look like hell as a result, but what the hell... they get chewed up anyway. And it's a jig for crying out loud.

The shot above shows the "L" brackets that size the finger width. The bottoms of the brackets did have to be trimmed so they would terminate at the front of the fence.

But on the back I sized the sliding blocks so I could use the full 4-inch height of the "L" brackets and not have to trim and redrill them. But I forgot about the hole for the sacrificial fence, and that's where the trouble started. You can see my plug where the original hole was. Now I understand why they weren't the full 4 inches tall to begin with.

The only thing left for tomorrow night is to drill and install the adjustment screws that fit on the end of the sliding section. The small panel that supports this was cut from a 1/4 inch thick section of Brazilian cherry I had laying around. It was already the correct width so getting it to the proper length was why I fired up the table saw. If it had been later I would have just cut it by hand. Once drilled out the screws will fit into inserts, and I'll use the little right angle support jig to help with that since those holes need to go fairly deep.

More then.

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