Thursday, March 14, 2013

Router Fence Update

Spent the night drilling and slot routing.  Then glued the face support to the base.  The only thing left now is to complete the triangular support blocks and dust control connection.  I did find a nice little Rigid fitting that will work perfectly for a hose connection at the back... so it's just a matter now of fabrication.  I'm also going to extend the length of the slots... somehow I cut them short! 

One minor modification I made while working on it last night was to refabricate the sliding fence section pieces out of solid hardwood... in this case poplar.  I started to think that over time the plywood might splinter and not work as well as a sacrificial part as it should... so I just rebuilt them.  Right now the ply and poplar are not quite the same thickness.  But I'll correct that with a couple passes thru the planer.

I also made a couple small stop blocks for when I might need one.  You can see one of them attached here to the vertical on the left.  Also shown are a couple of Jessem feather boards.

All the connections and dimensions worked out quite nicely, and the SketchUp design was a major contributor to all of it.  So with just a little more time it'll be done.


  1. Dave me lad, sometimes you amaze me! Took me a while to figure out why there where two extra holes in the sacrificial! (ready to use when you flip them over!) Looking real good!

  2. But it goes beyond even flipping them over. If that were the only option there would only be 8 corners to chew up. This drilling pattern allows me also to switch them side for side and get another 8 corners on the back of each as well. :)