Sunday, March 24, 2013

Router Fence Completion

Woodworking doesn't pay my bills.  I have a regular gig for that.  And the hours on my regular gig have changed 180-degrees from sunshine to moonshine... as in late late show on a runway repair job that can only be done in the middle of the night.  So everything woodworking had to take a break recently while my sleep schedule adjusted.  The one thing I never do is fire up power tools when I'm tired.  At the least it can be frustrating, but worse it can be extremely dangerous.

This afternoon however I felt awake enough to get out there once again and finish the last few details of my custom router station fence.  All that was left was cutting and mounting angle braces and installing the dust collection port.  In the end I decided to use Baltic birch on the whole project, thus the 1/2" ply on the port cover instead of hardboard as originally planned.  I like this way better.

This was a small side project that followed on the router wing and lift installation.  I still have to finish my office build project and I'm hoping that some of the "downtime" on the runway job ... there are about 2 hrs a night that conceivably I can work on the office build... will give me time to finish my stand-up workstation stuff too.  This night thing will go on until at least the middle of May.  So I'm telling myself, "no more excuses!"

But truth be told I love sleeping in late.  Working nights is almost too perfect for me.  :)

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  1. Dave "Norm" Hein! Yep, you da man! Gonna be great seeing the projects coming out of this baby! I'd vote if I could! :-)