Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hockey Mouth

Surgical suture on a needle holder w/ packaging

When you think of hockey players what is one of the first images that comes to mind?  Missing front teeth?  Sure.  Split lips?  Check.  Black eyes?  Natch.  Gashes on the forehead?  Bingo.  Stitches?  Yeah, that last one.  Me too.

This year for the Stanley Cup Playoffs I went all out and had a nice set of stitches (surgical sutures to be entirely accurate) installed in my own mouth!  I'm not sure of the exact number, but it's many more than one and marks the first time in Cup history I've had stitches myself during the playoffs.  Too cool, right?!  To be fair, mine weren't installed in a locker room or were the aftermath of a collision, hockey puck, or stick.   These are the result of a procedure done last December that didn't work ... so the dentist had to do a "retreat" operation this morning.  And, like the last time, it ended with stitches (sutures).

Next week they'll get snipped out.  Between now and then I hope they don't itch too much.

None of this dental stuff bothers me in the least anymore.  At least no more than it would  Gordy Howe.  :)

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  1. Hockey mouth! LOL, you are too much! I hate stitches, butterfly bandages are my cup of tea. About 64 years ago I had a bad gash in my leg and the Doc tried a new thing at the time, a clamp. They don't seem to use them anymore, nor, I far as I know, much after my needing it, but it was neat at the time! Hope your feeling better soon, take a few days off work and go out and shoot some stills! :-)