Sunday, May 6, 2012


It's a good thing, right?  Ethanol fermentation gives us material for use in food, alcoholic beverages, or fuel, and effectively is the process of converting sugar to carbon dioxide... a metabolic process where electrons are released from nutrients and ultimately transferred to molecules obtained from the breakdown of those same nutrients.  Most of the time we, or industry, embark on the fermentation process deliberately.  For the past several weeks apparently I have been doing it unintentionally.

A late afternoon trip to Costco started it all.  While putting things away in the pantry a gallon plastic container of apple juice with a rounded bottom caught my attention.  The apple juice inside was converting itself into hard cider!  It had to go, Lord knows I've poisoned myself enough times with foodstuffs past their due dates over the years.

So I took it to the sink to open it and dump it.  Clearly an outdoor option should have been considered because as soon as the cap was released hard apple cider was all over me, all over the sink, the walls, the floor, the cupboards, the kitchen window, the oven behind me, and the ceiling!!!  AARRGGHH!!!  Only Virby cat escaped the carnage.

My kitchen tonite is as clean again as it has been in years.  There's nothing like a little incentive.


  1. LOL, must have been a sight, however this is one time I'm glad I wasn't in Hawaii! If I spill some cider in my kitchen, will you come and clean it up, I mean, now that you are experienced and all? As we like to say around here, "could'a been worse" You stayed out of the hospital, the house is still standing, yep, could'a been worse! Thankfully Virby was not harmed in any way! Take care and keep a closer watch on those cider jars!

  2. I see you're still learning the hard way. LOL.

  3. Yeah. The hard cider way. Aargh. :)