Wednesday, April 11, 2012

H is for Hockey

I grew up where White Christmas *meant* a white, cold Christmas.  And winter meant frozen ice.  And frozen ice meant ice skating and hockey!  The local mill pond wasn't more than a couple of blocks from my house and I have the scars on my legs and feet to prove I played hockey.  Not well, but I played.

As a student at the Univ of Wisconsin, Madison, I never missed a single Badger home hockey game in my 4 years there as a student.  In 1972 when Bucky went to the Frozen Four NCAA finals in Boston, I went too.  They lost, but I was there... and at least got to experience the original Boston Garden venue before it went away forever.

The bulk of the guys on my floor my freshman year didn't want to watch hockey in the winter ... they wanted to watch the NY Knicks!  What?... basketball?!!!  When there's hockey on?!  They were clearly nuts and so the very first television I ever bought was a 12-inch, black and white CRT, that a few friends and I used to watch our sport whenever it was on, which was only on Sunday in those days.  Since the first one literally every television, or VCR, or other television-related component I have ever purchased in my entire life has been for one reason:  to guarantee I would never miss Stanley Cup hockey!  There have been a few periods over the years where the tv has been broken, or not working at all... and sometimes for months.  But it has never been out of service during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Never!  That's when I get on the ball and either fix or upgrade.

It is that time of year again!  My favorite.  It is hockey prime time season.  The Stanley Cup Playoffs got underway today.  Once again I will record as much as I can during the day and watch as much as I can until I'm bleary-eyed in the evenings after work.  The first round of games is always the worst where "worst" only means the most "difficult".  This year will be particularly challenging because the NBC Sports Network has committed to broadcasting EVERY playoff game!  Oh, Joy!  It's a great time to be a hockey fan!

So wish me well, strap in if you dare, and watch some of the best hockey you'll ever get to see with me!  Hockey combines the fasted, most coordinated, full-tilt sporting action on two fearless legs you'll find anywhere.  If the rules confuse you, send me a note.

Now, on with the game(s)!

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  1. Good to have a passion, even if it's hockey! Sorry, I had to say it. My father took me to a Black Hawks game when I was a wee lad, but it was a sport I just never could get into. The son-in-law John Buffin, of Pbase fame loves the game, at least the Hawks. Long time ago I was a Cubs fan but gave up on most sports when strikes, etc. happened and now, once a week, for 16 and hopefully more weeks a year I am a Packer fan, I never watched football until the '85 Bears came along, and I find that is plenty of sports for me! Enjoy the play offs, even if it is hot and 3 or 4 in the morning there! :-)