Monday, May 9, 2016

The Axe Files - on Trump

The video that follows was a live podcast taping on May 9, 2016. In a uniquely American way it illustrates why the American voting public needs to be as informed as possible before going to the polls in the upcoming presidential election, and why they should do some serious thinking about what the implications truly might be if they cast a misguided vote.

The divisive, reckless, ill conceived, and bombastically simplistic arguments being put forward by the presumptive narcissistic GOP misogynistic candidate are alarming to the intelligentsia of this country, to many members of the candidate's own political party, and world leaders around the globe. If elected, a Trump presidency would present nothing less than a clear and present danger to our economy, security, near, and long term future. Many people have already, and will yet, cast votes in frustration and protest - justifiably maybe at a dysfunctional federal government - but they have done so without first doing due diligence on the candidates or with any clear and informed thought of the implications their vote may have.

Be informed. Listen to all sides of the argument before casting your vote. Make up your own mind based on objective and researched facts - and not on 20-second sound bites, late night Twitter rants, or Nielson ratings.

Final Disclaimer: If you're offended by profanity, frank discussions of politics, or the concept of objective free speech, just leave now. But if you're open minded enough to put up with a little rough language there is a message here that shouldn't be missed. One other note; the comments feature for this posting has been turned off for no other reason than I'd like the video to stand on its own. If you do have comments, objections, or otherwise feel the need to vent on anything Jon said, feel free to send them to The Axe Files directly as they'll have much more impact there. Otherwise, simply sit back and...


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