Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Office Build Install Day

It's embarrassing sometimes how long some of my builds tend to take. But I'm a completely over-tasked (and by nature) underpaid professional engineer working as a civil servant, so it's just the nature of things most of the time. But I do finish what I start, and today I finally reached the day on the calendar where I could actually install my office build project! When my recent airfield painting assignment ended it dawned on me that there was a window of opportunity to get my office repainted in preparation for an install to begin. So everything else was put on a back burner, I became an office gypsy, and the plunge was taken.

When I arrived at the office this morning the maintenance guys had completed the wall patching and the final coats of paint were done. Their stuff was all stashed neatly in a corner giving me the signal I was at the plate. So work began in earnest as soon as our regular Wednesday morning staff meeting was over just before noon. By 8:00 p.m. tonite I completed installing everything built to date. All that is left now is to build, finish, and install the last piece to tie the two tables together. In looking at it in place I not only got the final finish measurement between them, but I also decided to make this last surface a little less deep than originally planned.

A few photos follow this narration, but a full compliment of all the shots from the beginning of the build until now can be found on my 20/20 HeinSite PBase site. Now I'm tired. This is tough work for a guy normally wearing a white collar! But it's a satisfying tired tonite for sure. :)


  1. Slow is more fun than fast some times. I thing this qualifies as one of those times. Nicely done.