Monday, March 17, 2014

A Shameless Limited Artwork Plug

I'm a fan of artwork... especially limited lithograph or well conceived screen prints. And I'm somewhat particular about what I like, or will actually frame and hang in my house. So I don't buy much, or much very often. What I have however is quite nice. The last few years during free time at the Las Vegas Autodesk University trips I've scoured art print shops and have found a few things. But a couple years ago I got wind of a guy from London named Tom Love who was funding interesting things on Kickstarter and I knew right away he was in my ballpark taste-wise. He was in the process of doing things I'd spend money on.

His latest project is really up my personal (aviation) alley. It's a limited print set of vintage luggage tags from the old PanAm days. Tom's work is always first rate, on great paper, perfectly printed, well priced, produced in small limited runs, and individually signed and numbered. Delivery, as far away as London from me here in Hawaii has always been well packed in sturdy tubes, and protected with wrapping paper. And if something is damaged in shipping replacement is guaranteed.

As of today Tom's project is about 50% funded and halfway done with the funding period. Personally I'd really like to see this project go forward as a couple of these prints would look great framed and hung in my renovated airport engineering office. :) So if you're even remotely interested please consider committing for a print, two, the whole lot of six, or just the postcards. Every little bit will help!

To help... visit Tom's Around the World -Six Limited Edition Prints funding page on Kickstarter. The funding period ENDS on April 3!

UPDATE 3-Apl-14: The project got funded!!! Yea! So everyone who supported the project *will* be getting what they signed up for. In my case I funded all six posters plus a set of postcards. These will look really cool once I frame and hang them in my airport office. I can't think of any artwork down there that could be more perfect!


  1. What is the currency in this? I thought everything was Euro now days.

  2. The listed cost is in British Pounds. Payment can be made via credit card or PayPal and the exchange rate conversion is made at the time the project is funded (if successful). Shipments out of the UK need to add £10, if I remember right, to cover shipping. £1 currently equals about $1.66.

  3. You remember correctly, (I'll call it bp as I don't find a symbol L) I might be interested in a JFK as my dad was flying out of Idlewild (JFK) back in the 40's and 50's. He was a pilot with American Airlines. I need to decide if I want to spend $60 or not.