Sunday, September 1, 2013

Parking a Cargo Jet

I've been in Honolulu training all of this past week on new software that allows us to model aircraft and design passenger loading bridges. The program runs on top of AutoCAD and I used it tonite to design and confirm a new cargo ramp parking position for a operator coming into Kona soon. It will still take me time to fully absorb all the nuances of this package, and everything we were exposed to, but it's mostly just a matter of practice. The new software is quite a bit easier to operate, has some very cool new features, and can produce simulations in 3D for certain types of equipment. Unfortunately for the project in the video above, the aircraft was not one of those where a 3D presentation could be done. Maybe next time I'll have something.

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  1. Now I have to wait for the 3D version to come out! Sitting on pins and needles! :-) This is fantastic Dave, don't think you wasted a moment of your time in Honolulu, looks like your nose was in the books, study - study - study! Hope you took some Dave time!