Sunday, February 12, 2012

Format Update

A while back... I'm not really sure how long ago, but more than a month... something changed on the blog format here all by itself.  The header image suddenly appeared after the blog title, and shrunk in size.  But it would also display one way on my laptop and another way on my desktop.  It was curious.  Attempts to figure out what was going on eluded me.

Over the intervening period I've made a number of forays into the CSS code... with no success.  That's a bramble, if you've never been in there!  Tonite however I think I finally found a solution.  So if things finally look different here (think: correctly) it's no accident.  Now we have to see if it'll hold or not.

In doing so I happened to think that maybe I should change the image on the masthead once in a while.  What would you think?  Good idea, or not?

FIre in the Sky (29-Sep-2008)


  1. Dave, this is your blog, do what you feel like doing, Ive never read an uninteresting blog of yours nor saw an uninteresting picture. I almost always learn something new as we live miles apart, come from different education backgrounds and have worked in totally different fields, although that may not be correct, we both have/had a tie to the transportation field, you at an airport and me in school busing. I just hope to be able to see your pictures in Pbase and read your blogs here for a long long time!

  2. I've gotten lots of nice comments here and on PBase, but this ranks right up there with one of the nicest ever.

    Thanks, Ed!