Monday, January 9, 2012

Sandisk Testimonial

As a professional engineer who frequently does work on as many as four (4) different computers it's common for me to have to move files around to make sure what I want is where I happen to be. For many years I've used Sandisk USB drives, and for about the last two years or so the only time my 16GB Cruzer has not been in my left pants pocket has been when it's been stuck in a computer and serving me. It's become so important that when I can't find it or somehow forget where it is I feel the same sense of manic one feels when a wallet or credit card goes missing. In other words, this gizmo has become one of those many constants in my life.

Just like Sunday night laundry.

This weekend I scrubbed my USB drive once again. For the 3rd or 4th time in its history it went completely thru the wash and spin cycle in my laundry. Thankfully Sandisk built a very handy feature into their USB drives, one which allows them to always fall out of a pants pocket while being laundered. This makes them easy to retrieve before a trip to the drier.

Thank you, Sandisk, for making your Cruzers so hearty! One has NEVER failed me yet after a trip thru the spin cycle... including the ride this past weekend.


  1. Sandisk is a great company and the one that i always trust with my data. I have so many CF cards of theirs and thankfully never had a fail. (fingers crossed!)

    So i'm with you on this one!

  2. I got one of those, I just keep forgetting to see how far it will go before blasting off to another world! :-) I do admit I don't use it very often but it is nice to know if I should be in a rain storm, bag the camera and laptop and leave the Sandisk for last!