Sunday, August 7, 2011

Supper Club Redux

Feil's Wine Barrel

We had brunch at Feil's today and really got our money's worth...especially at the dessert counter, where we followed up a traditional midwestern breakfast with brownies, grasshopper pie, some sort of caramel-peanut high calorie square, apple tart squares, cherry cheesecake, and a lemon bar.  By the time we got home the sugar crash had claimed us both for naps during most the Brewer's game.

Going to and from the restaurant you pass through the German-theme bar, and the barrel above.  Yes this dispenses wine, not beer, although it wouldn't be an honest German establishment without a wide variety of beers and steins and ambiance.  And no, it's not a complete barrel.  We found out they had to cut a lot of it down just to fit in the space.  Three types of wine are dispensed here: Rose', Chablis, and the Lake Niagra mom likes.  The owner, Herb Feil, was kind enough to allow me behind the bar to grab this shot with my 20mm, and while I was there gave mom the full history of the place, a few anecdotes, and some souvenier post cards.  It was his father, the baker from Wangen, West Germany who established the restaurant many, many years ago.

Ah, summertime in Cheesehead country.

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