Saturday, August 12, 2017

Point of Interest (POI)

The "Point of Interest" mode is an automated flight mode setting within the DJI Go 4 remote control (RC) software. It allows a drone operator to define a specific target on the ground, an elevation to fly, and a radius to orbit about that object. It effectively takes all the complications of flying and aiming (think: pat your head and rub circles on your stomach while riding a unicycle blindfolded) out of the equation and leaves composition up the operator. You still have the ability to vary orbital speed, elevation of the aircraft, radii of the orbit, and direction of travel so all you really have to think about is camera tilt and framing. With only a few minutes of practice just about anyone can master it.

Today I took my DJI Mavic Pro out again to the Kona Judiciary construction project (it's rapidly becoming my Mavic training ground) and tried out POI for the first time. I think it will become very useful. Granted, here I've used it entirely too much, but that's what training is for: repetition.


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