Thursday, February 4, 2016

Clemson Encounter

Notser, who is an outstanding (!) WoWS player and posts daily high quality Warships content, shared a similar Clemson replay the other day. (See: "Clemson by Reikoku" on his page) What struck me was that the base experience (XP) achieved in that match and mine were just about the same... in the mid-1600's range. So I did well enough in my battle to be comparable to something worthy of a Notser replay sans four (4) kills of course. But it's a team game, right?... not entirely individual glory. :p I've learned a lot by watching Notser's videos... not that everything he says always sticks or sinks in right away, unfortunately. Sometimes you've gotta throw a lot of mud at a wall like me to get any to stick. Eventually even I need a shower, so he's doing good.

The replay above is in my current collection, but it felt good enough to post here separately. The commentary gets sparse part way in... that's how you can tell I'm thinking. At some point I might be able to verbalize what I'm thinking and analyzing in those moments, but for now I can't afford to split the core processing time. :)


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