Monday, August 18, 2014

A Strange Catch

Help!!!  :)
I grew up in a little town that had a river run thru it and that's a real gift for a kid.  My friends and I learned that river and all its moods and personalities over all four of Wisconsin's seasons.  We swam in it in summer.   We ice skated and played hockey on it in the winter.  Whenever the water ran high enough we rafted and boated it.  And whenever possible we fished it.  We pulled out out carp, bass, crapies, northern pike, bullheads, walleye, turtles, and other critters I've probably forgotten.  But until coming home this year on vacation I had never caught one of these guys.  And that's rather ironic.

Because this critter is a crawfish.

And the name of my little river is the Crawfish River.

Yes... I did put him back, unhurt, into his namesake water.

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