Monday, February 24, 2014

Synchronized Spashing

Shot hand held and cleaned up (meaning color corrected, sharpened, straightened, and aligned by hand in Photoshop). Originally I uploaded this to Google+ where AutoAwesome did a GIF transformation. It didn't do a bad job of it, but I wasn't all that happy with it. If you want you can find it there as one of my postings. A better GIF could have been made if I had Photoshop CC or Camtasia... but I have neither. So I made this using ProShow Producer... my usual method. It was all worth a shot and the little amount of time spent just the same, and it was the first time I've tried anything AutoAwesome.

This was taken off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii up near Hawe. The humpbacks migrate here each winter between about November and April and calve. Then they all head back up to Alaska for feeding. Each island in Hawaii sees some whales each year, but Maui and the Big Island probably the most. If you ever visit here this time of year a whale watching cruise is well worth the price.

How in the world could these guys pull this off if they weren't communicating somehow?! Stick your head underwater here anytime while they're here and you'll immediately know they're talking to each other all the time.

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