Monday, October 28, 2013

OSU Magic

Often the best part of college football is the part never shown on television. But college students and fans at live games get to see it every week. Of course I'm talking about the halftime show performed by the home field band. And in this business there is simply no better marching band than the Ohio State University band. Some of the routines they've done over the years are legend, and if you've never seen them do their classic script "Ohio" you've missed a real treat.

This past weekend the OSU band outdid even themselves with their "Hollywood Blockbuster Show" in the middle of the Penn State game. I'm a Big Ten alum (Univ of Wisc '72) but I'm not alone in saluting this performance. Big Ten fans across the country this week are tipping their hats to the OSU band for simply being the best. You guys bring everyone else's halftime game up with every performance.

So if you didn't see them at the game last Saturday... or if they didn't show what went down on your tv... Enjoy them here anyway!

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  1. LOL, My cousin lives in Columbus but was born, raised, and went to Michigan! But she cried as their ship went down! Nice find!