Monday, June 24, 2013

Autodesk Project Chronicle

I became aware of another Autodesk Labs cloud-based service tonite called "Project Chronicle", so it was worth some time experimenting with it. Hopefully this will be something they will either keep for a while or make fully available to subscription users much like Autodesk 360. Project Chronicle is a great way to create short videos like the one above.

You'll have to pardon my narration... but this was all done much like the creation of the block itself... completely on the fly!

To be able to view this full screen on the Project Chronicles website, place your cursor over the image above and click on the link in the upper left corner.


  1. OK, as your getting older your still playing with blocks! LOL!

    I have to hand it to you Dave, I didn't understand a word you said but I enjoyed the presentation immensely! It just blows me away what can be done with computers. Loved it!

  2. There are actually a lot of visitors here who do search out the few AutoCAD postings I've made and for a few of them this will be somewhat helpful. Many users don't venture too far away from very basic tasks, so something like creating a block with an attribute *and* a dynamic property will be quite new for them. Often it only takes opening a door a little bit to let a lot of light shine in. That's mostly what this posting was about. :)

    And it was an experiment with Chronicle... something I hadn't seen before last night.

  3. I'm just glad that i DON"T have to use AutoCAD too....

    Nice to hear you out... As always. ;)

  4. For a very brief time I activated the Google+ commenting system here... but I hated it too. So most visitors probably never noticed because I went right back to this original system very soon afterward. I seldom publish these entries directly to Google+ either. I'm just not in this for massive hit counts.