Saturday, January 19, 2013

Moon Hoax Not

A question frequently asked but seldom convincingly answered is, "Did USA astronauts really go to the moon in 1969, or was it all faked?" Well, it turns out that in 1969 it was probably more impossible to fake than to actually go.

Watch this and judge for yourself.


  1. So, what your saying is that today, you have the technology to fake living in Hawaii and are really living in Wisconsin? I say NO! You are much smarter than that! :-) Great find Dave, keep'em coming!

  2. I have watched "something funny happened to the way to the moon" and other "moon" documentaries.

    For me the real proof that we did dot go to the moon is when all of the astronauts refused to put the hand in the Bible and swear by it.

    What more can you ask for proof? And i don't think that they are not religious.

    As for the "dude" in in this vid, i guess that we can count on his word, then.

    From what i've seen, we have NOT.