Monday, July 2, 2012

Export Settings in LR4

Here we go with another Lightroom 4 video.  Again, this is in response to a question I received recently about how to set up LR4 to save (Export) photos in a format other than TIFF.  This one was kind of fun to produce because I used my new headset/microphone setup for the first time... so you get to hear my "Charlie Chaplin" voice.  :)  But I also messed with ProShow Producer to add background music.

You learn, I learn.  That's how it works, so I hope this helps someone out there.  I know of at least one person who will find it useful.  By the way... this is not meant to be a definitive instructional on this aspect of LR4.  It's just how I do things.  What works for you is what matters.  With that being said,


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  1. Cool, now we can expect you to read us a bed time story every night? LOL Your having way too much fun on the blog site! :-)