Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Update Time

It's that time of year again when Autodesk rolls out all their new goodies.  It might be early 2012 for you and yours, but for AutoCAD geeks it's 2013 already.  Those of us on subscription salivate while we wait for delivery of the new version of our favorite software.  Some prefer a direct download option now and grab the program as soon as it's available.  But others, me included, still like to get the box, the DVD, and the piece of mind that only something physical will provide.  The price we pay is time... we have to wait on the mailman.  That's where I'm at right now.  Waiting.

On Monday this week Autodesk released all beta testers (beta version code name this year: "Jaws") from their non-disclosure agreement, so features, reviews, and unrestricted comments started leaking out on the blogs and discussion forums.  Tomorrow for 4 hours Autodesk will host an online Virtual Event and officially roll out the new release.  I'll be there, even tho' it'll mean getting up at 0530 to be on time.

Yeah, for geeks like me it's Christmas in March.  Altho' I probably won't see Santa until next week or so.  Hopefully the US Postal Service will still be in business then.


  1. I can see you salivating from here Dave, you can still sleep for a couple of hours but I'm sure the alarm will go off and you will be up in a flash! Did you ever turn off the CPU last night? Can't wait for the next adventure to see what cart hits what wall, etc. :-)

  2. Yeah, I just finsihed watching 2 1/2 hrs of the 4 on offer. That should be enough to hold me for a while. Now it's time to head toward work and face the day. All these webinar gigs start *really* early in Aloha time! :)