Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Earth Moving

Sitting quietly in my home office tonite working on various projects and suddenly the desk lamp begins to sway, there's slight movement under my feet, and Virby gives an "alert" in the doorway. It's not strong, but a clear reminder we live on a planet that's alive.  This is the first quake we've felt in a while.

USGS reports on the event continue to come in from around the island, but the jolt was a 3.7 (preliminary) magnitude tembler about 21 miles north of our house at a depth of 9 miles and was apparently widely felt across this whole rock. (USGS updated the final magnitude to 3.8.)

I have learned over the years to observe Virby as if she were a guard dog.  The signals are much more subtle in cats, but distinctive every bit as much and very accurate.  Hers was only a slight reaction tonight:  she stood in the doorway with a confused look on her puss for about 10 seconds.  Then regular programming resumed.

This probably sums it up as well as anything:

Click & Enjoy!

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  1. Nothing, to me, is more enjoyable, been in two, one in Mexico City, and one in California. Scared the heck out of me, being from the Midwest and all! Like what you did with the cat! Stay safe and enjoy the new year!