Monday, May 30, 2011

An Unconventional Landing

An addendum of sorts re: the airshow at Kona this weekend...

Maybe I will have to pick up a small camera with basic video capability one of these times after all!  Shooting moving objects handheld with a DSLR in burst mode doesn't quite produce the quality any of us are used to these days... including me!  :)  But put in the category of "something is better than nothing", the following *is* better than nothing, and can only be described as... a little out of the ordinary.  So enjoy!

(Safe for work, but contains sound)

I promise... next year I'll have my act together for this kind of stuff!  :)


  1. Nice job on the video, Dave, especially for your first production!

    Lee G

  2. I was so brain dead on this day... cooked in the Kona sun is probably a better way of putting it. But it didn't dawn on me until later that even a monopod would have helped here! Next year.